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It all starts with the selection of quality equipment. With so many manufacturers it can be difficult to know what’s best. Audio Video Concepts works only with those companies that continue to produce dependable, versatile cutting-edge electronics. We are certain that you will find the quality you are looking with our assistance and extraordinary products from the best manufactures.

Each and every AUDIO VIDEO CONCEPTS client receives professional and personable service; from the first meeting to the one on one user training session once the job is complete. During the initial consultation, a well designed plan is developed from client blue-prints and /or our own 3D rendering software. Once a system is decided upon, our trained technicians begin implementation which includes wiring, installation, and final testing. After the project is complete, an AVC professional will make sure that the client understands how to operate their entire system.
Home Theater
Home Theater is a high quality audio and video entertainment center that creates the movie experience right in your own home. A home theater can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish; from a specially designed and equipped "Theater Room" to a simple audio video system in your den or living room. Audio Video Concepts designers specialize in designing such system and can recommend the best equipment at all levels.
Home Automation
You can control your audio, video, lighting, and HVAC all while having the equipment hidden from view. AVC can install a camera system that will let preview al visitors from any TV in the house. Use lighting control to give the at home impression, or turn on the lights in the house from the driveway. AUDIO VIDEO CONCEPTS can design all of these systems.
Multi-Room Audio/Video
A multi-room Audio& video system is a must in every home. It enables you to select and enjoy the music or video of your choice in the bedroom, by the pool, on the patio, or even while cooking in the kitchen. AUDIO VIDEO CONCEPTS can install a keypad or touch screen to suit your control purposes anywhere throughout the house.
Structured Cable
An integrated custom installation can do more than just entertain you. Home networking is the technology that allows all the computers in your home to share high speed internet and peripherals such as printers etc. All of your phone cable and networking can be housed in one control panel. From this panel you send video from satellite, DVD or camera to any room in your home.
We Also Offer...
AUDIO VIDEO CONCEPTS also offers NuTone® Central Vacuum systems and intercom systems for your convenience. A central vacuum system installed by AVS will make cleaning more convenient. We also offer Panasonic® phone systems for the home or office.
CAD Drawing
AUDIO VIDEO CONCEPTS uses one of the latest in CAD software to show you what your Theater Room or Audio system will look like before finalizing your plans. With this software you can pick out different room designs, layouts, and color schemes. Just one of the features that make us extraordinary.
Video Calibration
AUDIO VIDEO CONCEPTS has a certified ISF Calibration and a certified Home Acoustical Technician on staff. We have the equipment and expertise to make your system perform to its peak. When all displays are made, general values are used to make the set simply "look good". With an ISF Calibration, your set will look "EXTRAORDINARY"! The same rule applies with acoustics. Without proper location and placement within a room, speakers will not perform to their best capacity. An HAA installation will ensure your newly purchased equipment sounds "EXTRAORDINARY"!
Professional Installation
AUDIO VIDEO CONCEPTS is a member of CEDIA Custom Electric. We take pride in our installations. Our professional staff continues to enhance their knowledge of installation techniques through CEDIA education.

Free Estimates
AUDIO VIDEO CONCEPTS offers free estimates for the design and installation of your system. Simply bring in your blueprints and ideas, and we will see to it that you leave a satisfied customer.
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